Sandpoint Varisia

First Game Session

All the characters are members of the Pathfinder society. Several of them have been traveling together for some time, and some meet each other for the first time in this adventure. Near the end of Summer all the party members are in Sandpoint for various reasons.

A local Pathfinder Captain named Adril in Sandpoint calls upon the characters to check in on an old friend and pathfinder Member who is guarding a visiting noble from Magnimar.

Skelg the Ripper sent a letter to Adril asking for help from the Society and mentioned an item with a curse. After examining the letter in more detail, Siryphen one of the more local characters immediately notices the letter is purposely leaving details out and something is amiss.

Skelg is renting a small manor house on the north side of town, next to the home Lord Cydric of Magnimar is staying at during his travels to investigate a series of fires that have harmed his lumber business of late. When the party arrives at the manor several Ulfen guards are outside who in short order get into a fight with our members. After getting inside the party learns from Skelg about the fact that he has several items including a ship lantern that were stolen from him by a group of Ulfen. Its takes the party no time at all to track down a strange group of Ulfen in Sandpoint to an enclosed warehouse on the water front.

There they divide up with Siryphen, Persia, and Raya heading up onto the roof to look in through the skylights. While the rest of the party distracts the guard at the door and casts sleep on him before they tie him up and throw him in the wagon he was sitting on.

Meanwhile inside the warehouse are several Ulfen and their leader Bengeirr as well as a small longship docked inside. Persia drops a flaming potion down from the skylight igniting the ship while Raya feather falls down over the flames into the middle of the Ulfen who were running around due to the sudden fire. At this signal the rest of the party bursts in through the front door and catching the Ulfen between them. During the combat Bengeirr hits Siryphen with the lantern causing him to begin to freeze from the inside out much like Skelg is suffing.

The party was unable to get the flames under control, and loaded up all they could of Skelg’s belongings onto the wagon throwing them on top of the tied up Ulfen. Luckily for the party no one spotted them before the flames began to tear down the entire warehouse.

After delivering the loaded wagon to Skelg he used the lantern to open a tapestry that had also been effected by the cursed item to transport everyone to a frozen ship far out in ocean from Sandpoint.

In short order they defeated the zombie sailors and their wight leader to find beyond them on the front of the ship an Irrisen white witch named Natalya. She was the widow of the man that buried at sea on this longship who was freed by Skelg when he looted the ship of its treasures a few months earlier.

They convinced Natalya to use the lantern to remove the curse and return to her home using the lanterns power by herself. The party did not want to upset the relations between Magnimar and sandpoint.

Returning to Sandpoint, Skelg rewarded them for all their help. Adril also thanked the party on behalf of the Society and for keeping this matter quiet.



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