Sandpoint Varisia

To the Hollow

With Skelg still recovering at home from severe frostbite, Adril asks the players to continue Skelg mission to escort Lord Cydric up the Turandarok River to investigate one of the many fires that has plagued the region recently. Many people believe the local Szarni family is the cause as theirs is the only lumbermill untouched by the fires. Lord Cydric wishes to inspect his holdings first hand.

East into Varisia down the river is a region just to the east of Mosswood known as Darkmoon Hollow. The darkwood lumber there is quite sturdy and fetches one of the highest prices in the region. A decent sized town has grown up there on the edge of the Darkmoon Woods. During the examination of the burnt out lumbermill, someone found a broken goblin dogslicer in the rubble.

As they were getting ready to leave the lumbermill a hysterical woman runs up to Mayor Kreed that the Children are missing! With a little work Mizuki was able to get some of the other children to tell the party the other children went out on a dare to stay the night by the supposedly haunted Elara’s Orphanage that burned down a month earlier.

Searching the old Orphanage the party found a hidden trap door to some odd goings on before it burned down. In the process they discovered they were being watched from the edge of woods. A young wild girl named Jeva. With her help they discovered a group of Kobolds had kidnapped the children and taken them to their lair at the base of Dorskar’s Craig (The Mountain between Mosswood and Darkmoon Wood.)

Entering into the lair the party found room after room of kobolds and traps. With Korin and Vincent getting trapped inside a large magnetic trap room for a bit. All the children but one was found, when the party learned that the new King of this Kobold tribe was going to sacrifice the children in a ritual to anoint his crown.

In a massive battle in the throne room the party succeeded at taking down the Kobold King and his followers just in time to save the last missing child. Heading back to town they realized Jeva was nowhere to be found, and that no one in the town knew who she was. The families in Darkmoon Hollow were very thankful to the party for all that they did to help. Kitani Eavewalker the mother of Kimi, one of the missing children; was especially grateful to Siryphen for saving her Daughter and had him over for dinner quite often.

Zula had the skin of one of the beasts they defeated made into child sized armor and left it at the edge of the woods in hopes that Jeva would find it.



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