Sandpoint Varisia


While in the process of selling some of the spoils from the kobold lair, Korin found out that the main town alchemist (Rashtan) had not returned from his home deep in the Darkmoon Woods for some time. the shopkeeper and Rashtan’s daughter were quite worried about him. Knowing the recent exploits of the party and saving the children, the shopkeeper asked Korin if he’d look in on Rashtan and make sure he was ok.

Following the directions they were given the party easily found the house deep in the woods. when they arrived they found it ransacked and the dead body of gnoll near a trapped chest. With a bit of tracking and searching they learned the Gnolls had a camp up on the side of Dorska’s Craig.

When they arrived at the camp a large Hobgoblin came out of the Gnoll camp, demanding that they let Estavan know they wanted more money, and that the scrawning little man was not there! Korin and the others argued with the hobgoblins until the fighting broke out. The Gnolls fought the party down in the camp, but the hobgoblins escaped up the ridge into an old style lodge building.

After taking care of the gnolls everyone charged into the lodge to find it fairly empty and a set of stone stairs going down into an underground network under the lodge. After taking care of the hobgoblin attempt at a ambush they party explored further to find the network connected up into some much older dwarven tunnels.

In these tunnels they defeated an intricate fire trap before going deeper into the dwarven structure. They found many old rooms including old monuments made of obsidian to wars ages past. One room had am elaborate suicide machine where some dwarf took their own life. Zula and the others found a magical obsidian gauntlet on the dwarf.

Going further they discovered the old forge and many old dwarven books. The spirit of this Dwarven hold demanded that the party stoke the forge. An epic battle ensued with Korin grappling with an animated ballista and a huge dwarven construct attempted to squish the party. The party destroyed the forge and weakened the construct before rushing out to safety.

Upon returning to town they found Rashtan in town, who apologized for the trouble. He went down to Magnimar for some supplies and took longer than intended. The party informed the authorities about Estavan attempt to take out Rashtan. Estavan was a rival alchemist attempting to corner the market. For their trouble Rashtan offered the party a discount on his wares.



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