Sandpoint Varisia

The Swallowtail Festival

After their business up in Darkmoon Hollow the party returns down river to Sandpoint to bring Lord Cydric back in time for the Swallowtail Festival in Sandpoint. This years festival will be opening the brand new cathedral in Sandpoint replacing the one that burned down 5 years earlier.

The majority of the party spent the night at the Rusty Dragon Inn the night before the festival. On the day of the festival everyone spent the time visiting various events throughout the day. At sunset a large crowd gathered in front of the Cathedral for the Consecration. Just as Father Zantus began to recite the prayer for the consecration a series of screams and quick motions began happen to the crowd. Just as everyone started to realize what was happening smoke and flames started showing up over large sections of the city as many goblins assaulted the town.

The party split into two as they took care of the various groups of goblins, and their goblin warchanters singing their bardic songs. After a couple of minutes of battle the majority of the goblins were defeated in the square. With that the sound of more goblins came from the road to the north gate. With that Raya ran off on her own to help the next fight. As soon as they could the rest of the party chased after her as soon as they could. Persia informed the Priest that the wounded townsfolk needed help, and Zula healed a young child who had been wounded by the fight.

Raya came upon the gate just as a group of Goblins on Goblin dogs killed a large mastiff that was guarding a man who was cowering in the doorway of a nearby building. Launching herself at the goblins she got their attention quite well before anyone else caught up.

The rest of the party soon made it to the gate to defeat the rest of the goblins and saving the nobleman who introduced himself as Aldern Foxglove a visiting noble from Magnimar. He immediately started fawning all over Raya for being his savior and offered to buy her dinner and talk more with her. Raya left with Aldern for the rest of the day.

The rest of the assault was taken care of by the guards, the town began clearing up the mess and trying to take care of those who lost their life in the attack. Shortly afterwards Sheriff Hemlock asks for the parties help as it seems one of the grave vaults has been broken into. Since they were so helpful in the attack and his men were still quite busy with the cleanup if they could help investigate the grave vault.

Upon closer inspection Korin noticed the tracks of a human amongst those of the goblins. going deeper into the vault they discovered a few undead which seemed to have been left to stop snooping. They discovered the body of the former priest who died 5 years ago was missing.

Mizuki related some of what she knew about the events from five years ago. After going back through the information at hand the party decided it seemed suspicious that Lord Kaijitsu was sick on the day of the attack, and had not been available for the last few days due to illness. They went around the his manor house on the southern side of the harbor. There Mizuki was able to convince the servants she was relative come to visit. The servant informed them that regrettably Lord Kaijitsu was in the town, and had gone to get his daughter as he was planning on leaving this town and taking her with him.

Thinking something was wrong the party rushed back into the main part of Sandpoint. Just as they got close to the Rusty Dragon they were stopped by Bethana Corwin an elderly woman they knew that worked at the Inn. She was out looking for the Sheriff, but ran into the party first saying that she had not been able to find Ameiko all day, when she checked her room she found a letter. The letter was written in Minkaian. Handing the letter to Mizuki who could read it they discovered that Ameiko’s brother had called her out to the Glassworks at Midnight about their fathers involvement with the attack.

Heading straight to the glassworks the party discovered the building locked up and the smokestacks pumping out smoke. A couple townsfolks also attempted to find out what was going on as they wanted their glass order.

Feeling as if they were on a time limit the party rushed through the building as fast as possible, until they came to main glassworks room where they found a wide amount goblins and Tsuto. In the center of the room was the still red hot glass pile that Tsuto poured over Lord Kaijitsu. As the door flew open Tsuto motioned for a group of goblins to carry Ameiko towards a doorway in the corner. Korin and Vincent rushed past the first group of Goblins in order to get to Ameiko before they could carry her away. Korin was quickly surrounded by goblins and Vincent and Tsuto entered combat. In the resulting battle the party was heavily battered and wounded, but in the end as Tsuto attempted to escape Mizuki got a critical crossbow shot on him and ended his escape. It was easy for them to catch up to the goblins who had Ameiko and overpower them.

Healing Ameiko they brought her to consciousnesses and helped her exit the glassworks. Going through Tsuto possessions they found his journal that explained about several of the attacks and that they were being order by Nualia who was planning on sacrificing the entire town to Lamashtu with the help of a Quasit living below the city and the combined goblin tribes of Thistletop.

Bandaging their wounds the party returned to the Inn to discuss their options and heal overnight.


While in the process of selling some of the spoils from the kobold lair, Korin found out that the main town alchemist (Rashtan) had not returned from his home deep in the Darkmoon Woods for some time. the shopkeeper and Rashtan’s daughter were quite worried about him. Knowing the recent exploits of the party and saving the children, the shopkeeper asked Korin if he’d look in on Rashtan and make sure he was ok.

Following the directions they were given the party easily found the house deep in the woods. when they arrived they found it ransacked and the dead body of gnoll near a trapped chest. With a bit of tracking and searching they learned the Gnolls had a camp up on the side of Dorska’s Craig.

When they arrived at the camp a large Hobgoblin came out of the Gnoll camp, demanding that they let Estavan know they wanted more money, and that the scrawning little man was not there! Korin and the others argued with the hobgoblins until the fighting broke out. The Gnolls fought the party down in the camp, but the hobgoblins escaped up the ridge into an old style lodge building.

After taking care of the gnolls everyone charged into the lodge to find it fairly empty and a set of stone stairs going down into an underground network under the lodge. After taking care of the hobgoblin attempt at a ambush they party explored further to find the network connected up into some much older dwarven tunnels.

In these tunnels they defeated an intricate fire trap before going deeper into the dwarven structure. They found many old rooms including old monuments made of obsidian to wars ages past. One room had am elaborate suicide machine where some dwarf took their own life. Zula and the others found a magical obsidian gauntlet on the dwarf.

Going further they discovered the old forge and many old dwarven books. The spirit of this Dwarven hold demanded that the party stoke the forge. An epic battle ensued with Korin grappling with an animated ballista and a huge dwarven construct attempted to squish the party. The party destroyed the forge and weakened the construct before rushing out to safety.

Upon returning to town they found Rashtan in town, who apologized for the trouble. He went down to Magnimar for some supplies and took longer than intended. The party informed the authorities about Estavan attempt to take out Rashtan. Estavan was a rival alchemist attempting to corner the market. For their trouble Rashtan offered the party a discount on his wares.

To the Hollow

With Skelg still recovering at home from severe frostbite, Adril asks the players to continue Skelg mission to escort Lord Cydric up the Turandarok River to investigate one of the many fires that has plagued the region recently. Many people believe the local Szarni family is the cause as theirs is the only lumbermill untouched by the fires. Lord Cydric wishes to inspect his holdings first hand.

East into Varisia down the river is a region just to the east of Mosswood known as Darkmoon Hollow. The darkwood lumber there is quite sturdy and fetches one of the highest prices in the region. A decent sized town has grown up there on the edge of the Darkmoon Woods. During the examination of the burnt out lumbermill, someone found a broken goblin dogslicer in the rubble.

As they were getting ready to leave the lumbermill a hysterical woman runs up to Mayor Kreed that the Children are missing! With a little work Mizuki was able to get some of the other children to tell the party the other children went out on a dare to stay the night by the supposedly haunted Elara’s Orphanage that burned down a month earlier.

Searching the old Orphanage the party found a hidden trap door to some odd goings on before it burned down. In the process they discovered they were being watched from the edge of woods. A young wild girl named Jeva. With her help they discovered a group of Kobolds had kidnapped the children and taken them to their lair at the base of Dorskar’s Craig (The Mountain between Mosswood and Darkmoon Wood.)

Entering into the lair the party found room after room of kobolds and traps. With Korin and Vincent getting trapped inside a large magnetic trap room for a bit. All the children but one was found, when the party learned that the new King of this Kobold tribe was going to sacrifice the children in a ritual to anoint his crown.

In a massive battle in the throne room the party succeeded at taking down the Kobold King and his followers just in time to save the last missing child. Heading back to town they realized Jeva was nowhere to be found, and that no one in the town knew who she was. The families in Darkmoon Hollow were very thankful to the party for all that they did to help. Kitani Eavewalker the mother of Kimi, one of the missing children; was especially grateful to Siryphen for saving her Daughter and had him over for dinner quite often.

Zula had the skin of one of the beasts they defeated made into child sized armor and left it at the edge of the woods in hopes that Jeva would find it.

First Game Session

All the characters are members of the Pathfinder society. Several of them have been traveling together for some time, and some meet each other for the first time in this adventure. Near the end of Summer all the party members are in Sandpoint for various reasons.

A local Pathfinder Captain named Adril in Sandpoint calls upon the characters to check in on an old friend and pathfinder Member who is guarding a visiting noble from Magnimar.

Skelg the Ripper sent a letter to Adril asking for help from the Society and mentioned an item with a curse. After examining the letter in more detail, Siryphen one of the more local characters immediately notices the letter is purposely leaving details out and something is amiss.

Skelg is renting a small manor house on the north side of town, next to the home Lord Cydric of Magnimar is staying at during his travels to investigate a series of fires that have harmed his lumber business of late. When the party arrives at the manor several Ulfen guards are outside who in short order get into a fight with our members. After getting inside the party learns from Skelg about the fact that he has several items including a ship lantern that were stolen from him by a group of Ulfen. Its takes the party no time at all to track down a strange group of Ulfen in Sandpoint to an enclosed warehouse on the water front.

There they divide up with Siryphen, Persia, and Raya heading up onto the roof to look in through the skylights. While the rest of the party distracts the guard at the door and casts sleep on him before they tie him up and throw him in the wagon he was sitting on.

Meanwhile inside the warehouse are several Ulfen and their leader Bengeirr as well as a small longship docked inside. Persia drops a flaming potion down from the skylight igniting the ship while Raya feather falls down over the flames into the middle of the Ulfen who were running around due to the sudden fire. At this signal the rest of the party bursts in through the front door and catching the Ulfen between them. During the combat Bengeirr hits Siryphen with the lantern causing him to begin to freeze from the inside out much like Skelg is suffing.

The party was unable to get the flames under control, and loaded up all they could of Skelg’s belongings onto the wagon throwing them on top of the tied up Ulfen. Luckily for the party no one spotted them before the flames began to tear down the entire warehouse.

After delivering the loaded wagon to Skelg he used the lantern to open a tapestry that had also been effected by the cursed item to transport everyone to a frozen ship far out in ocean from Sandpoint.

In short order they defeated the zombie sailors and their wight leader to find beyond them on the front of the ship an Irrisen white witch named Natalya. She was the widow of the man that buried at sea on this longship who was freed by Skelg when he looted the ship of its treasures a few months earlier.

They convinced Natalya to use the lantern to remove the curse and return to her home using the lanterns power by herself. The party did not want to upset the relations between Magnimar and sandpoint.

Returning to Sandpoint, Skelg rewarded them for all their help. Adril also thanked the party on behalf of the Society and for keeping this matter quiet.

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